Ghummans Group participates in various areas of business worldwide, including the provision of financial services, the generation of diverse investment plans and the delivery of operations for numerous industries.

All operations we are involved in are conceived and accomplished in accordance with the innovative business strategy of each individual company we work with.

We recognise that in order to gain a competitive edge, there are central principles that should be adhered to. Investment discretion, commercial talent and fast understanding of the growth potential of the market are the core notions we develop, instil and promote here at Ghummans Group.

About Us

Ghummans Group identifies and invests in ventures using its capital resources to help both the group and the businesses it invests in to grow. It owns companies in a range of industries including oil and gas, commodities, retail and finance.

The group provides its ventures with financial services, investment plans and operational strategies to develop each unique business model and drive success. It also provides expertise in asset management and retail, as well as efficient internal communications.

To ensure each individual business’s activities and requirements are fulfilled productively, Ghummans Group adopts a highly focused and integrated approach to operations, strategy management and communications...


Business Activities

Food and Leisure


Ghummans Group has invested in a range of companies which are showing strong sustainable growth and profitability. Below are a few examples of businesses which are part of our portfolio:

Arrabco is a global producer and marketer of commodities and energy. Ghummans Group through its wholly owned subsidiary company Berkeley Energy is a majority shareholder in the company. Learn more

Ghummans Group has recently commissioned the development of the largest oil refinery in Pakistan which will be capable of processing 50,000 barrel of oil per day. Learn more

Ghummans Group has acquired the retail business branch of the impressive Scanadavian chain. Learn More

Punjab TV is a Punjabi language television owned by Ghummans Group which caters to Pakistan's sizeable Punjabi population. Learn More

Falcon Rise is a independent stockbrokerage in The British Virgin Islands owned by Ghummans Group which focuses on the securities market. Learn More