About Us

About Ghummans Group

Ghummans Group identifies and invests in ventures using its capital resources to help both the group and the businesses it invests in to grow. It owns companies in a range of industries including oil and gas, commodities, retail and finance.

The group provides its ventures with financial services, investment plans and operational strategies to develop each unique business model and drive success. It also provides expertise in asset management and retail, as well as efficient internal communications.

To ensure each individual business’s activities and requirements are fulfilled productively, Ghummans Group adopts a highly focused and integrated approach to operations, strategy management and communications. It also has the proficient business skills and resources needed to deal with any financial issues faced by the businesses it acquires.

Ghummans Group’s valuable experience, knowledge and resources in various industries have provided the company with diverse capabilities, which facilitates it to be fully devoted to every venture, and to offer a top-class drive for innovation and growth.

All activities we engage in are designed and accomplished to meet the innovative business strategy of each venture, as well as to harmonise with the overall Ghummans Group mission and strategy. We follow core corporate principles in order to fulfil each venture’s potential and gain them an innovative and competitive edge in the market. Integrity, cooperation and commitment to high quality are at the heart of all that we do.

At Ghummans Group, we develop, instil and promote investment discretion, commercial talent and fast understanding of the growth potential of each market we work in.

We have acquired various worldwide businesses dealing with financial and commercial affairs. Our management input focuses on innovation and the accomplishment of a tight strategy that helps each business flourish, helping us to continue expanding our presence in each market and providing growth to various industries.


For further information and all relevant enquiries please contact us using the details below:

E: info@ghummansgroup.com