Charity by Ghummans Group

Ghummans Group works to give back to society through its UK registered charity foundation, Sun charity.


Ghummans Group operates around the principle of supporting struggling businesses and commodities, so that they can survive in today’s fast moving market. We have designed various projects that provide financial, technical, tangible and emotional support to companies. Most of our initiatives are already performing well and businesses we are working with are responding positively.

Social mobility is a leading issue nowadays, with people often requiring emotional support rather than financial help. To respond to this, we provide free consultations in every capacity. Our highly competent psychologists and psychotherapists are valuable in locating and resolving client problems and challenges. In addition to our focused work with various businesses, we have launched youth programs to help ensure a better equipped team for the future. We also have a vision to provide more support to the elderly in the future, with a view to fund shelters and other projects.


Ghummans Group is providing its services in response to the disastrous earthquake that occurred in the Azad Kashmir area of northern Pakistan on 8th October, 2005. We are working to fix numerous problems and provide the community with opportunities that enable them to resume a normal routine.

The Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority (ERRA) is the institution that is responsible for development and rehabilitation work following the earthquake, and Ghummans Group is working alongside this non-profit organization to coordinate the work. The scheme has provided corrugated sheets to provide emergency shelter for those who lost their homes, and long-term plans are in place to provide more deep-rooted support to the individual sufferers and communities.


In the Palestinian refugee camps, education and employment are among the most pressing issues warranting attention, yet they are largely ignored. The charitable programs that we are involved in aim to provide basic education to the people of Palestine, with some programs also designed to support IT and other technical education in refugee camps. These initiatives facilitate local people to generate better livelihoods for themselves, eitherwithin Lebanon or abroad.

It is anticipated that the development of these education and employment support programs will diminish extremism and improve diplomacy with regard to the Palestinian conflict.


Eastern bloc countries which were separated from the Soviet Union after World War II continue to struggleto provide people with basic necessities such as education. The western community has delivered a small level of support to these countries, but we believes this needs to be improved upon. Several years ago the first mixed boarding school was builtin the Ukraine with the support of a westerner. Before that, all work had been focused on schooling for boys. This is a significant move towards improved education for girls in the country.


There are a high number of single parent families that are struggling for their lives in India. In order to provide enough food to their families, parents are pressurised to send their children to work from a young age. Ghummans Group is supporting such families in India so that child labor can be diminished. We are financing the parents in such families so that they can send their children to school instead of to workshops or onto the streets to earn money.

In addition to funding education programs, Ghummans Group is financing some employment programs in India. The objective is to provide people with skills, tools and technical facilities so that they can work and earn enough money to support their families. Most often, the facilities provided are for the construction and mechanics industries, hairdressers, etc. Some private businesses have been established, which is a positive move towards forming a better society. All these efforts have been made to strengthen society, to make it more responsible and productive, so that eventually society as a whole will continue to improve.