Financial Services

Financial Services by Ghummans Group

Falcon Rise is an independent stockbroking house in The British Virgin Islands, which focuses on the securities market. The company specialises in providing institutional and high net worth clients with a professional sales and execution service, whilst also offering corporate finance and market making to both private and publicly quoted companies.

Operating with the highest discretion and commitment, Falcon Rise aims to provide an individualised and superior long-term service to all its clients. The company comprises of a team of experienced and talented professionals with a comprehensive background in investment and stockbroking. This team works closely with clients, applying strong principles of integrity and trust, to reach their objectives and add value to them across an integrated platform of services. This hands on approach ensures that wherever possible, orders are carried out in a timely fashion and on target.

Falcon Rise offers contract for difference (CFD) trading, spread betting, and trading in debt and equities. Services are orchestrated by our experienced team and where appropriate are further facilitated by our strong relationships with third party providers. Among our activities, we build long-term relationships between owners and managers of growth businesses and strategic providers of capital. In providing independent corporate finance advice across a broad range of activities, we are happy to work with other investment banks and advisers as nominated. Our sales and execution, market making and corporate finance services are highly competitive and client-orientated to meet a variety of objectives with the best execution possible.