Mission Statement

Ghummans Group Mission Statement

Our mission is to invest in ethically run businesses that meet our clearly defined criteria for success . We aim to enhance companies that strive for excellence and wish to become industry leaders in their respective niches. Delivering superior investment, strategic and operational performance to companies we work with is our strength as well as our quest.

Investment Philosophy

Ghummans Group’s investment philosophy consists of seven basic tenets:

1. An emphasis on key elements

We insist that our business acquisitions have defined characteristics, including functional attributes that are suitable for the market and priced lower that their replacement cost. Companies should also be able to verify the growth and sustainability of their income.

2. Probability and risk analysis

Our detailed analysis enables us to make investment decisions based upon high probability occurrences. We also forecast and present expected returns in a way that reflects risk as accurately as we can.

3. Disciplined investment

Past activities have shown us that our returns can be increased by investing in opportunities with favourable seller circumstances, or where missing expertise can be efficiently contributed to mitigate operating risks.

4. Industry knowledge and experience

We believe that a good investment company must have broad and deep sector experience in addition to proficient capital markets expertise in both the public and private markets.

5. Disciplined selling

The depth and duration of energy, transportation, financial and capital market cycles are complex, making expertise and discipline in these fields highly critical to executing a profitable sales strategy.

6. Superior performance

We consistently take a long-term view when making investment decisions, and ensure that all plans are fully integrated with sustainability research within the rigorous traditional financial analysis framework. Along with developing the best professionals in the investment arena, this enables us to deliver outstanding results.

7. Long-term partnerships

We have a deeply held principle that long-term client partnerships will improve opportunities and outcomes for us and our clients. We achieve this by delivering unique investment insights and high-quality client services with integrity and cooperation. All investments and operations we engage in are designed to correspond with the innovative business strategy of each individual company we work with.